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This picture was taken with a Bonehead Kam.



In the digital age, hunting trail cameras have really come a long way.  We've made it our mission to bring you be best.  You want clear pictures and video, day or night.  And you want stealth, as to not interrupt the patterns of your prey.

Our trail cameras can be set to take high resolution still images or up to 90 seconds of true 1080P HD video.  We also incorporated black 'no glow' infra-red flash, for nice clear images at night without spooking the animals.

You can also view your images / video on the camera's 2" LED screen.  You can even set a password to protect your images.

It's all controlled by remote, which can be stored right inside the camera, for your convenience.

Click either camera image to get yours!

For those who need something just a little more awesome, there is this gem of a camera.

It has all the same features of our Kill'n Kam ™ (with some major enhancements), but it is all contained within our trademarked skull shape.

It's still inconspicuous to your prey, but it's also bad-ass to the bone!

Click the camera to get yours!

killn kam front.png
killin kam logo2.png
bonehead kam logo.png
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